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Got too much debt on your hands? Often the best thing you can do is consolidate it into a single, generally lower, monthly payment. With the right lender, you can save hundreds each month even if you have bad credit.

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Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Tips

Why should I consolidate my debt?
Consolidating debt is very often a wise move to lowering your monthly payments. Often, too much debt and too many monthly payments to keep up with can be the ultimate reason for one's bad credit. Even if you have bad credit, debt consolidation can help you reduce your monthly payments by lowering your interest rates. Where credit cards and other unsecured loans charge interest rates often in excess of 20%, debt consolidation loans can offer much more reasonable interest rates. In addition, all those monthly payments can become 1 easy to manage monthly payment.

Will I pay a higher interest rate if I have bad credit?
Since your credit rating is the key factor in determining the risk associated with a loan, yes, you will probably pay a higher interest rate on any loans than those with perfect credit. BUT - a secured, sometimes even unsecured debt consolidation loan can very often be a lower interest rate than most of the loans you would be consolidating into it.